In this transmission Christine brings thru new dimensional energy from the Pleiadians to help us release remaining blocks & move more fully into alignment with the Pure Light of the Creator within us. Helping us open & connect again with the Divine anchor & multi-dimensional space in our hearts she opened for us in her last transmission in May – she helps us lift the veils again and realize new dimensional levels of consciousness within us.
There’s 3 months till her next transmission – so Christine encourages us use this transmission repeatedly, allowing the energy from the Pleiadians to work in us to help us continue to expand our self awakening, release blocks, & live every moment in our multi-dimensional space connected & aligned with the Pure Light of our Divine Self. In this way, we come to embody the Light of our Soul, of our Divine Self…and we naturally become a Light that helps other people we interact with be uplifted as well.
Christine also encourages us to take at least a moment every day to connect with our anchor in our heart & our Divine Self. With our intention of experiencing our Divine Self free from the veils, we place our hands on our heart and take a few deep conscious breaths, breathing & letting go like a soft gentle wind into our heart space….then saying out loud a few times with the deep breaths in between – the sound of the extended ‘EEE’….then slowly lifting our hand only a few inches from our heart center & bringing our attention to the space in between & hands & our heart center, and again saying out loud a few times with some emphasis & power the sound ‘ANDAH’ with deep conscious breaths in between….then taking  a few more deep conscious breaths, allowing the Divine Energy to integrate as you experience your Anchor  & Divine space in your heart in deeper & deeper levels. With the deep breaths you are allowing your self in a very natural way to aling more & more fully to that Divine Light that you are.
Each of Christine’s transmissions from the Pleiadians build on each other, so if you haven’t meditated with her transmissions from last Feb & May – here are the links for the transmissions on YouTube:

Pleiadian Broadcast – February 2014 –

Christine Day Broadcast May 2014 –

And to easily go back to listen to this June broadcast:

Pleiadian Broadcast June 2014 –



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