aster Island heads have bodies!?

Hello everyone!

I am loving the journey that’s happening in the world and being brought to light on this site.  I am over the moon with joy at all the love I have received and please know it is all mutual!  I have come such a long way in just two weeks or so.   Something must be happening!  Even a friend of mine listened to all I had to say and was open minded about it all.  Though it may seem on the surface humanity is not ready for this leap, there are so many who are.  I have faith that we, as a people, can succeed.  We just have to want it!

A friend of mine pointed out this article to me about the statues on Easter Island (rumored by some to be made in the likeness of those from Thiaoouba or the 9th level). The statues have bodies that were buried!  Why hadn’t we thought to look before?  Such a simple thing!  How could we have missed it?  The heads have bodies.  Common sense!  It’s like the feeling of awakening.  It makes so much sense that you wonder how you ever could have missed it before!

Any thoughts on this discovery?…


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