Geometry Vortex (Galactic Crew)


The human is energy in a material body, we have an aura like the earth, and is the electromagnetic field, as we have the same composition as the universe. Geometry Vortex seeks to expand existing notions of experimental and space sounds, as work with new ideas and ways to experience new stimuli that can re-organize meditative concepts. Atoms, protons, electrons, all we are part of that great cosmos called EVOLUTION.
Mastered by ZY
Artwork by Jeff D.zign
Released by Galactic Crew

wav download     mp3 download

01. Mucifelam – What Are You
02. Moondoggy – Lily Of The Valley
03. Menterama – Hikaru
04. Samyaza – Aurora Zosel
05. HyperYohual – Heart Melt Like Plastic
06. Shitzophrenick vs Master of Horror – ME7ILDHIPROPILHAMINA
07. Mexkline – 39.1º
08. Necronomus – Perverse Mind
09. Menterama – Indiastral
10. Cosmic Egg – Morphogenesis
11. Psy Horror Noize vs Botox Brain – Smoked Teletransportation
12. Cyber Noise – Vitrual Mould
13. Kujata vs Chronopium – Killing The Legendary Hero
14. Cali’Balam – Vortex
15. Walhalla project – Dimensional Mirror
16. Insane El Rato – Head Voices
17. Yuppi – The Unknown Soldier
18. Kaikkailla – Universe Expanding
19. Acidevil – Retraidoxa
20. Higher Energy – Organic Weakness (Deadhead RMX)
21. DreadLokkWarrior – Classical Conductivity
22. Micromood – Victrolaphonic


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