Our mission is to lovingly and clearly present information in a creative, understandable, beautiful and enjoyable fashion to ease your transmutation back into your true Multidimensional SELF.

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Dr. Suzanne Lie and  The Arcturians Invite You to

Are you feeling different than you have ever felt before? Have you found that you have a great desire to change many parts of your life? Are you having body sensations that are unique and somewhat troublesome? Are you having vivid dreams and memories of being on a spaceship? Do you see things fly by from the corner of your eye? Do you have trouble maintaining your short term memory and are the tasks of your physical world increasingly difficult? Do not be concerned, for you are among the honored ones who are participating in planetary ascension. Remember that everything you heal within yourself, you heal within mother Earth. Join us as planet and people become one, and ascend into the higher dimensions of reality.


Message from the Arcturians

Suzanne Lie began in 1996 under the pen name of Suzan Caroll because of our great insistence that she create this portal of information. At that time the words multidimensions and ascension were unknown or  only spoken  of in religious terms. Within only 20 years, the words multidimensions and ascension have become terms filled with hope and promise. We, the Arcturians, have come to you through this Arcturian Corridor so that you, our human representatives, can serve as portals of light and beacons of unconditional love, information and hope.




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