We are Opening 44 Portals of Light in the Global Financial Sector

It is through cohesive and unifying group activity that the Universal Light Intelligence is grounding the perfected crystalline patterns of the new world economy. To maximize the potency of this seeding, we are opening portals of light at 44 of the most influential financial entities of the world.

What is a Portal of Light



In this activity, these portals can be seen as multi-dimensional overlays that connect into and receive energetic feeds of light from fifth dimensional frequencies.  

Our unified human consciousness serves as a bridging mechanism for the effectual energy transference to come through to this matter dimension.

As a giant, interconnected forcefield of divine intent, we are the grounding rods to hold the portals in place as they are opened and stabilized. 


Great emphasis will be placed on establishing connection to Earth’s Crystalline Grid and the matrix of Unity Consciousness.

With this unfailing support, we are facilitating together the opening of a potent ethereal circuit for the new encodements.

As a result, love’s transforming grace will stream forth via the higher planes. This is channeled through our one group body that is simultaneously blessing, illuminating and opening the hearts of those within our sphere of influence. 

The corresponding influx of pure spiritual energy will uplift and sanctify all people and then radiate outwards, effecting a great purification of related negative energies in the surrounding environment.  

These portals of light will be made imperishable, eternally sustained,
all powerfully active and ever expanding until the Divine Plan is fulfilled for the
global economy in accordance with the greatest good of all.







The List of 44   

Some of the Major Influencing Groups of the Global Economics

Our intention with the “List of 44” is to initiate a mass domino effect
in all other interrelated financial organizations throughout the world.


 See the descriptions of these locations  






1.   New York Stock Exchange

2.   The NASDAQ Stock Market
3.   Tokyo Stock Exchange 
4.   Shanghai Stock Exchange (SSE) 
5.   Australian Securities Exchange (ASX)
6.   Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) 
7.   Intercontinental Exchange
8.   London’s Financial District
9.   U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) 
10. China’s Financial District
11. International Monetary Fund  
12. The Federal Reserve 

13. U.S. Department of the Treasury 

14. Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation
15. BlackRock Inc.
16. World Trade Organization
17. India Ministry of Finance
18. The Vatican

19. The United Nations
20. NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization)

21.  The Pentagon
22. Business Roundtable 

23. Trilateral Commission

24. Club of Rome
25. Council on Foreign Relations

26. Chatham House – The Royal Institute for International Affairs

27. World Bank

28. Bank of International Settlements (BIS)  
29. European Central Bank 

30. Goldman Sachs Group

31. JP Morgan Chase
32. N M Rothschild & Sons
33. Bank of America
34. Wells Fargo
35. Citigroup Inc.
36. Central Bank of the Russian Federation

37. Central Bank of Brazil

38.  Exxon Mobil

39. Royal Dutch Shell

40. Saudi Aramco  

41. Walton Enterprises – Wal-Mart Stores

42. Brazil’s Financial District (Paulista Avenue)

43. Central American Bank for Economic Integration

44. Buenos Aires Financial District









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