Transmitter Registration for June Solstice, 2014

Activating Humanity’s Prosperity Code

~  We are opening 33 Portals of Light in the Global Financial Sector  ~

Solstice ~ June 21, 2014
8 pm across all time zones

Earth-viewDuring this transmission, each of us will project our consciousness to one financial building on this “33″ list. We are serving as a human channel to transmit the New Earth codes of light plus assist to open portals of light at these physical locations.
(See event details.)

We have done our best to provide the most diverse cross-section of the financial elite in order to catalyze a massive domino effect to affect all the rest. Our divine command is to victoriously accomplish positive collective shift towards the proper use of money in our world.

All transmitters are required to come to this event in the fullness of love and compassion towards the ruling global elite. Polarized attitudes and charged emotions will naturally void your transmission.

This is a deeply powerful act of planetary service. Your love and support is greatly appreciated.

Please select one financial building that will be your personal portal of light location and indicate this on the registration form.

See 33 Portal Locations


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