Zephrin, also known as Grandfather Two Moons.

The Humans

Zephrin, from the book We are the Nibiruans and the sequel, The Mission Remembered.

The Humans are the youngest of the four primary races in our universe.  They were first created by the Felines on a planet in the Vega star system of the Lyra constellation.

The Humans are unique among the races due to their DNA coding.  The Humans were given the Gene of Compassion as their inheritance from the Felines.  They are heirs to the great work which is showing all other races how to achieve compassion through the opening of the heart and the high heart chakra.

The Humans were given a different creation myth than the one given to their counterparts, the Reptilians.  The Human’s creation myth states that they will strive to live in harmony with any and all races occupying a planet that they wish to colonize.

It also states that they, through their living example, will show their fellow races the way to achieve compassion of the heart instead of compassion of the head (mental compassion).  Therefore you will find that Felines and Humans who have open hearts will be assertive, truthful and confrontational in their communications and dealings with others. 

The Humans became more predominant in the Royal Line of Avyon by the time they reached the Pleiadian star system.

Devin (Feline) is the current patriarch of the 9D Royal House of Avyon in the Lyra constellation.  Anu (Human) is the current patriarch of the 5D Royal House of Avyon in the Pleiades.

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Zephrin’s picture by Phyllis Furphy.  Phyllis is a uniquely talented artist and starseed.


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