Bathsheba and Esther Trust

Hi All,

I am putting my name in the Bathsheba and Esther Trust today. I received this email and had a friend check it out. She called and they answered the phone and explained to her that the trust has $87,000,000,000 and they want to distribute the money to people that place themselves on their list. You can add 10 friends, family and strangers as well. Attached is the trust document and you can check out their website If you decide you would like to be on the list, print out the last page and write your name, address and phone number in the appropriate spot and below that make a list of people you would like to receive funds. Then scan the page and email it to They told my friend that the dinar has already revalued but has not been announced yet.


Many blessings of Abundance for All!

We are real and who we have said we are.  Dr. Henderson is one of the designers of the new clean, metals backed banking system and Executor.  We are indeed working with 197 nations, and if you read our documentation on our website:, under Redemption, Government, you will see that we were the ones that gave the Sequester to the 1871 Corp (US Gov), and H.J. Resolution 85, section 101/b/2 that gave that Sequester the budgetary authority.  We are also the ones that through OMNI Law have brought the US back to our constitutional republic.
We will be on another conference call Friday night at 8pm CST, and the call in information is on the website.

Shelley Bolling

Sovereign Civil Peoples Rights
To contact Shelly Bolling at home in Arkansas USA call 501-681-2386 Check website weekly for information conference calls on Fridays

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