Light Stewards: Staying Aware, Remaining Present, and Releasing Limiting Conditions to Create

blossoming flowerConsiderations:

The soul desires an outcome for the highest good of all. The creative process may not work for ego-driven desires.

Is the desired outcome an exercise of the ego or the soul? If it is in concert with the divine qualities, it is likely soul driven (click here to learn what the divine qualities are). If it feels blissful, joyful and light, it is likely soul-driven.

If it feels heavy, manipulative, or feels like an obligation, or if greed, lust, envy, etc. is the driving force, it is likely ego-driven.

Three prerequisites of the creation process:

  • Staying aware, in the now
  • Sourcing unwanted or limiting conditions
  • Creating

1. Staying aware, in the the now: Staying present and in the moment is central to this exercise so that we can be aware of our thoughts and feelings and source (i.e., complete) unwanted or limiting conditions. Meditation and breath work are examples of how to stay present and in the moment.

2. Sourcing unwanted or limiting conditions: Examples include lack, fear, and doubt. By being present and in the moment, we can be more in tune with these conditions when they come up. By identifying the conditions, we’re able to observe them, feel the feelings that come with them, and allow the feelings and conditions to move through us until we’re complete.

Be patient and compassionate with yourself during this process.

It can be helpful having another serve as a listener so that you can vocalize your process, which can often lead to insights and clarity.

Fear is a condition that people often experience. Stay out of the mind and in the heart, source the reason for the fear, release it, get to a place of peace and calm, and replace it with joy or another divine quality such as beauty or hope.

Identify any beliefs that may be contributing to the unwanted or limiting condition and release them. Examples might include, “I’m not deserving enough”, “that isn’t possible,” “that can’t happen to me,” or “there isn’t enough to go around.”

Note: We may have agreed to clear for the collective, so what may be coming up in terms of unwanted or limiting conditions may be what the collective is feeling and needs to be cleared or released.

This is our opportunity to release old habits or addictions that no longer serve us.

3. Creating: Factors that bring about creation:

  • Feel gratitude for what you have now
  • Set the intention for what you choose to manifest
  • Visualize, using your imagination, that which you choose as if it’s already here or has already happened and hold that vision with joy, letting it rest in your heart (stillpoint)
  • Release expectations or attachments for how it might come about
  • Ask for help from your guides and angels
  • Follow your intuition for nudges and signs that can help you achieve your goal
  • Have patience
  • Be persistent
  • Have fun with it – we are powerful creators and have the ability to manifest our deepest desires and dreams

Light Stewards – Sisters and Brothers of Unity is a new group that has taken upon itself the role of providing suggestive guidance to lightworkers who wish to adopt high standards of integrity and the embodiment of Fifth-Dimensional qualities as we prepare ourselves for our ever-expanding roles in the Golden Age.

Our goal is to generate and share documents which help us stay squeaky clean in our behavior, in turn allowing bliss to rise within us. We hope that these documents help us align with the new paradigm of the divine qualities which we think will make Ascension easier and smoother.

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