Ending Global Unworkability by January 1, 2015

Gender Equality 22Two documents appear here, designed to create a context for global workability.

A Global Call for an End to Gender Persecution by January 1, 2015

By the power vested in me as a free and sovereign citizen of Planet Earth, I declare that gender persecution will end on this planet by January 1, 2015.

There’s no basis in the universal laws, in human nature or in any other context of life for the notion that women are somehow subservient to men. There’s no basis in any context that women can be mistreated.

This condition of unworkability exists solely because we allow it. It leads to a structural hierarchy based on gender inequality. And it now needs to end, everywhere and forever.

We tolerate gender persecution because we don’t think we have solutions that will resolve, dissolve and eradicate it. We don’t think that we can actually make a global difference.

But we do and we can. I’m certain of it and I declare it.

We on this planet are global brothers and sisters, unhindered by national, religious or ethnic differences which no longer serve us. I call on all people, wherever they are on the globe, to come together and rid the planet of this condition which keeps our sisters in extremity and our brothers in brutality.

On my own authority and say-so, I declare that unworkable conditions like this not only have no place on Planet Earth, but that we have the resources, capabilities and will, right now, to have them be gone.  And they’ll be gone through our own committed speaking and acting.

To coordinate our efforts, we need a society-wide deadline. I declare that our work will be complete by January 1, 2015.

To those who say it cannot be done by that date, I say that it can and it will.  By that date, according to globally-accepted measurements that we will generate, we’ll see the complete eradication of gender persecution on Earth out of our own committed action.

Wherever we can, and in some instances we may not be able to, I invite us to create win/win, global solutions that leave no residue.

I invite us to allow no element of fear to enter our hearts but to think the unthinkable and create the impossible.

I urge us to end the longest war in human history – the war between men and women.

I invite everyone to take up this goal or support it.  I call upon those who see flaws in our plans, not to oppose us, but to join us and add their expertise to correct what they see and ensure that our vision is realized, by better means.

I invite us to take on our world’s heartache as a sacred promise to the Divine Mother. I ask that we be responsible for it and assume leadership in it to see that our commitments are realized by the deadline we agree to.

I invite everyone on Earth to join me in committing to workability between the genders.  Research how it can be achieved. Contribute whatever you can to any credible organizations already at work in the field. Start projects yourself and link them up with others. I ask that this declaration be reposted widely.

Our actions will be like dominoes.  These two elements of global unworkability – gender persecution and, with it, gender inequality – cannot endure against such concerted, coordinated and committed action.

“Concerning all acts of initiative (and creation), there is one elementary truth, the ignorance of which kills countless ideas and splendid plans: that the moment one definitely commits oneself, then Providence moves too. All sorts of things occur to help one that would never otherwise have occurred. A whole stream of events issues from the decision, raising in one’s favour all manner of unforeseen incidents and meetings and material assistance, which no [person] could have dreamt would have come [their] way. I learned a deep respect for one of Goethe’s couplets:

“Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it.
Boldness has genius, power and magic in it!” (1)


Steve Beckow
Free and sovereign citizen of Planet Earth
Editor, Golden Age of Gaia
Former Member, Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada


(1) “W.H. Murray,” at

I am Responsible for the State of My World

Earth 345When we contemplate building Nova Earth, when we consider how it is that we’ll go about transforming the world’s unworkability into workability, (1) immediately what arises for us are all the barriers to completing that task.

The barriers are well known to us. They include the thought that it’s impossible, that we don’t know what to do, that there are no solutions on a global scale, that nobody cares. On and on the thoughts go that have us falter and refuse to take up the task at hand.

Let me address why much of this confusion exists among us.

We’re emerging from an era in which many people in power did not have the world’s welfare at heart. They were often motivated by a hunger for power and a greed for money. They looked at anyone not of their circle as “useless eaters.”

9/11 did not kick off the war against the people, (3) as far as I’m concerned. The Kennedy assassination did, spearheaded by the Office of Naval Intelligence, the CIA, the Secret Service, and many others – including Kennedy’s own Vice-President, Lyndon Johnson, and later President George Bush Sr. (4)

George Bush Jr. conspired in 9/11. And from that point on, this secret government did everything it could to take power from the people. (5) They dumbed us down. They convinced us that there was nothing we could do about it. And now we’ve shown them that we can and we will.

So we may not be able to consult the background of the last fifty years for inspiration. We’re on our own, so to speak.

And we’re left with social trauma that gives rise to passivity and powerlessness. We must recover from it. How are we to do that?

For me, the first step towards reversing the trend of passivity and powerlessness is to take responsibility for my world, yes, my world. It’s mine, just as it’s yours.

And responsibility for it exactly as it is today. And not even to wait until I have further knowledge or funds or whatever else we think we need to do that.

Taking responsibility for my world isn’t a matter of blame or fault. It isn’t a matter of burden, in the sense that I must do everything and I’m sagging under the weight of it.

Responsibility is seeing myself as cause in the matter, in what lies out ahead and in front of me. It means seeing my input as crucial, as making the difference, and then offering that input.

For me, it’s a matter of commitment to the work, to what’s available and do-able for me. It’s a matter of looking at the man in the mirror every day and renewing my commitment to transforming the planet, to getting the job done.

It’s also a matter of putting fear aside – whenever it arises. Many of us fear looking silly, looking grandiose, putting ourselves in the hot seat, taking a risk.

Do you know what’ll happen if we don’t take that risk?

As Braveheart said, nothing.

So the first step in getting to work is to take personal responsibility for the world as it is, for the poverty in it, the homelessness, the disease, the starvation, the lack of water, and all the other unworkable conditions that exist in our world.

It’s taking responsibility for the inequality, the subservience, the slavery, the brutality, the crime.

It’s saying: It isn’t OK with me that so many people suffer in my world.

And, yes, this is personal for us. I take personal responsibility for the condition of my world.

I invite all others who care for their world to come join me, to take personal responsibility for your world too. I invite us to begin, to dig into this massive work we have before us, in the same way that we’d dig into … well, anything in our lives that’s huge and has to be straightened out.

Please don’t ask me for guidance. There’s just one of me and so many of you. Operate on your own say-so, as a free and sovereign citizen of Planet Earth. This is what we all need to do now.

I won’t wait till the money arrives, or the cavalry, or new technology.

I must begin now. We must begin now. And we have to keep at it until the job is finished.

When will that job be finished? Without a deadline, none of us can solve the problems that often arise when we work together. In this case, we’re working as an entire globe, an entire planet, many societies, many cultures.

To reduce the confusion, to help coordinate efforts, and to encourage concerted action, I propose a deadline of Jan. 1, 2015.

I’ve already declared that as the deadline for the end of gender persecution on this planet. (2) And I now propose it for the end of the world’s unworkability.

Will you be responsible for the total transformation of this planet? Will you join me, heart and soul, to make this world work?

Life is either a daring adventure or nothing. – Hellen Keller


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(2) “A Global Call for an End to Gender Persecution by January 1, 2015,” April 13, 2014, at

(3) See “9/11 and Other False-Flag Operations” at

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(5) See “I Accuse” at and “The Black Hats Must Go” at

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