7. Ceremony ~ Vow to Selfless Service

Follow with the voice…

O Mother Father God, in absolute meekness and humility, we come before your Heavenly Throne. From the purity of our heart intention, we declare our full willingness to serve the Divine Plan to the highest potential possible.

Almighty I AM, we pledge our unwavering allegiance to your Will, offering our entire life embodiment as your instrument and a true messenger for the Holy Spirit.

Thank you for using us however we can best serve your Divine Plan.

Almighty I AM, CHARGE, CHARGE, CHARGE our group soul with unlimited power to work your Will upon the Earth, helping us to respond to the immediacy of world need in the spirit of love, peace and goodwill.

Thank you for empowering us to fulfill this most sacred mission.

Almighty I AM, CONSUME, CONSUME, CONSUME our open hearts with the transfiguring power of unconditional love and grace, so that we may bless, awaken and heal the multitudes in accordance with your Will.

Thank you for revealing our natural ability to serve as a unified channel through which to receive and transmit your greater Love.

Almighty I AM, BLAZE, BLAZE, BLAZE your transcendent solar fire throughout my body and our entire group forcefield to aide in our full transition to be wholly merged back unto you.

Thank you for pouring this holy light into each of us until our reunion with you is realized.

In the name of the Great Spirit guiding all creation, I decree:

I AM your Love, I AM your Wisdom, I AM your power of Will.

I AM the Holy Trinity.

I AM ALL ONE. (3x)

O Mother Father God, we sing eternally before your Throne the words,


May the holiness of our Brothers and Sisters in the higher worlds be with us in every heartbeat and in every thought-form.



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