Greetings, I am Juliano.  We are the Arcturians.  Today we will be looking at the five stages of planetary development.  The Earth is presently seeking to resolve Stage One of planetary development so that it can successfully move into the next stage of development which is called Stage Two of development.

There are five stages of planetary development for all planets residing in the Milky Way Galaxy.  It would be helpful to review these stages.  I want to speak specifically about each stage and what the stage means.

The Earth is presently in Stage One of planetary development.  Stage One involves the development of a biosphere and higher life forms.  In fact, when I look at Stage One, I must tell you that there are many substages to the Stage One.  For example, I could list ten substages that are all involved in completion of Stage One of planetary development.

The substages are categories that would include the development of a biosphere, the development of cellular life, and even the development and placement of a planet in a specific location near a star.  The particular location of a planet in relationship to its sun allows the support of the life forms.  The earlier ten substages in Stage One have to do with the development of a biosphere and the development of life forms from simple to complex.

The most relevant substage from Stage One comes in the later part.  This later substage involves the introduction of humanity, which is considered that substage which brings or introduces intelligent life to a planetary system.  The introduction or development of intelligent life surprisingly can also come from an outside intervention.  Higher dimensional beings or extraterrestrial beings can introduce or bring in the necessary tools for the development of an intelligent life on a planet.  I know there are scientific theories on Earth which offer data explaining the evolution or origin of species based only on the development of intelligent life within the Earth history without extra-planetary interventions.  Evolution explains the development of humanity from the appearance of the primates, including through the apes.  Modern Earth theories explaining the evolution of humanity move forward through and include some of the earlier ancestors of Man.  The earlier versions of modern Man include the Cro-Magnon Man, which could be considered a species which preceded the Homo sapiens species, or humanity.  Other earlier versions of Man include Australopithecus and the Neanderthal Man.

It is our observation that there is a “missing link” between the evolution of these earlier versions or ancestors of Man and modern Man.  There is a missing link which is unable to explain the development of the more primitive species up to the current mankind.  In fact, anthropologists who study the phenomenon of human development and evolution on Earth often report a missing link.

That missing link relates to extra-dimensional or extraterrestrial beings that would bring forth imprints for a higher genetic life form into the Earth system.  This would include the DNA codes that would allow higher intelligent beings to develop.

This means that during the planetary Stage One, there forms the groundwork and foundation in the biosphere for higher intelligent life.  Random selection by itself would not be enough to explain the evolution of mankind into existence, into this level of development.  In a planetary Stage One, groundwork is set for intelligent life.  This groundwork includes an intervention outside of the planet, which is used to achieve and bring higher intelligent life to a planet.

I want to just divert for a moment to give you the simple metaphor that the channel came across recently that I think would be interesting for our discussion.  There is an interesting discussion in modern science about the origin of Man developing through random evolution.  There is an interesting discussion that all of the life forms developed out of a random system that eventually led to this higher development.  What I am suggesting to you is the counter argument.  It is true that there is randomness in forming life on a planet.  In order to achieve this higher state of development, there must be an intervention from a higher dimensional source.

Here is an interesting metaphor.  Try to imagine a Shakespearean sonnet, which I am sure has beautiful structure poetically.  If you were able to set up a random generating computer typewriter system, what is the likelihood, given an infinite amount of time, that a random computerized system would be able to produce a perfectly written, concise poem that would be in the category of a Shakespearean sonnet?

The answer is that it is unlikely even with the random nature and infinite amount of time that a system could produce that level of poetry.  Poetry is something that requires a human intelligence.  It is something that mankind can produce.

In Stage One of planetary development there is the introduction of a higher intelligence from the Galactic Council, or from an extraterrestrial source.  An extra-dimensional source can intervene and work with the DNA so that higher intelligence is brought into the planet.  At the same time, there must be a foundation of an evolutionary process already established before an intervention will occur.  A large part of a planet’s evolutionary process is random.  But randomness alone is not enough to provide the missing link towards a higher intelligence on a planet.  The missing link is done through a planetary intervention.

Stage One of planetary development can include a planetary intervention to help provide a higher intelligence on the surface of the planet.  Such a planetary intervention can occur through the oversight of the Galactic Council.  There are certain rules and regulations on how life forms are governed and how planets are allowed to develop.  There is always the interesting issue of karmic involvement.  For example, the Galactic Council is composed of higher Ascended Masters, including Sananda.  These Ascended Masters have the special powers and ability to intervene or to direct other beings to intervene in order to provide a higher level of development on a planet.

In Stage One of planetary development, the Galactic Council has deemed that the planet Earth is ready to support higher developmental life, higher than the animalistic life, higher than beings with only an animal soul.  In the planetary Stage One of development, a higher being is introduced into the picture.  Look at the whole history of the Earth and consider that entire time as including planetary Stage One of development.  There is a surprising observation because the Earth as a planet is well over four billion years old.  Yet, the final levels of Stage One of planetary development are not coming into total fruition until the past several centuries – a very small slice of time compared to the total age of the Earth.

Planetary Stage One of development means that a higher being such as humanity, such as mankind, has emerged.

The Earth is completing rapidly now many of the final substages of Stage One.  The development and introduction of intelligence into your species is now mixed with the primate or animal soul.  Mankind is still close to his animal nature.  In fact, in the final levels of planetary Stage One of development, there emerges a conflict between those with a strong animal nature and those who are moving towards higher thoughts, higher development and spiritual energy.  There emerges a conflict with spirituality and the animal soul, or the animal nature.

In the final part of Stage One of planetary development, the conflict emerges between animalistic instincts and higher thought.  Higher thought includes goodness, ethics and other levels of thinking associated with the higher self.  During the final sublevels of Stage One a spiritual awareness and a spiritual awakening occurs among many of the members of the species.

Now, in the latter part of Stage One, which is where the Earth is now, other important developments occur very rapidly, such as the computer.  Because you know computer technology is doubling exponentially, Man’s intelligence is also potentially increasing dramatically as the computer technology is developing.

The development and increase of technology brings several important and possibly tragic planetary outcomes.  The first possible outcome is that the planet which develops high technology also develops the ability to destroy itself.  This happens in the latter part of Stage One.  Remember there are ten substages in Stage One.  The latter part of these ten sublevels has to do with the development of scientific technology.

The development of scientific technology on other planets always leads to the same conflict, that is, the possibility of self-destruction through the technology.  This type of conflict has been played out on the global and the galactic stage for many eons.  The conflict might even be a familiar one to you.  This conflict is something that you might have witnessed in other lifetimes on other planets.  You might have seen this conflict in an incarnation on another planet in the galaxy.

I want to offer a special note about karma and planetary stages of development.  When you choose to incarnate into a planet, that planet must be in alignment or in accordance with the stage of planetary development that you specifically need for your personal evolution and for your soul work.  You would not want to come into a planet that was too underdeveloped because you are already highly developed beings.  At the same time, I know that all of you want to incarnate onto a higher level of planet which would be categorized as Stage Two or even Stage Three.  I know that you all are going to move into Stage Two and Stage Three planets during your future incarnations.

Interestingly, in any stage of planetary development, there is the possibility of ascension.  When you move into Stage Two of planetary development, you cross the barrier of the third dimension, and you are bringing in more fifth-dimensional energy.  In fact, the fifth dimension and the access to the fifth dimension is one of the crossroads for moving from Stage One into Stage Two of planetary development.

In summary, the conflict in the final level of Stage One is between the level of the scientific technology and the animalistic nature.  This means that spiritual development must dominate for the species to survive.  How likely is it that the spiritual development of the species can become dominant over its technological development?  In planets in Stage Two, you will find that the spiritual development of the planet is equal to or in advance of its technological development.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to live on a planet that was more spiritually advanced than it was technologically advanced?  I know that you might enjoy living in a technologically advanced society, but I am sure that all of you would quickly give up fifty percent of the technological modern conveniences in order to live in a fifth-dimensional, spiritually oriented planet.  This is what occurs on a planet experiencing Stage Two.  On planets that are on Stage Two of development there is the wonderful opportunity of living on a world where spiritual development is equivalent to its technological development.

Spend a moment thinking about that.  There have been some amazing technological gains made on this planet in the past 30 to 50 years.  Also there have been some amazing spiritual gains that have come onto this planet.  You as starseeds and as Group of Forty members have experienced and witnessed both of these developments, the development of spiritual technology and spiritual advancement as well as the development of technological advancement.

The basic conflict in Stage One is technology and survival versus self-destruction.  Each stage and substage has a particular conflict.  This is quite similar to the concepts of psychological development of the self that has been enumerated through modern psychologists, such as Eric Ericson who developed a structure in which each chronological age has a conflict that must be resolved.  For example, one of the stages of development in Ericson’s survey was autonomy versus dependency.  The child must either learn to be independent or, if he doesn’t learn certain skills, then the child becomes dependent.  If the child remains dependent, then the child can never go on to other higher stages of development.  The child must go through the conflict, which is defined as autonomy versus dependency in order to evolve.

In the planetary stages of development, the Earth is now going through the conflict of technological advancement versus self-destruction.  That is the last level summary or substage of the Stage One planetary development.  This is the conflict that you are witnessing now.  You are witnessing the development and the resolution of the conflict.

Remember, when I was talking about Eric Ericson’s paradigm, I was also suggesting that there were certain skills that the child must learn in order to overcome this level of dependency, in order to be self-autonomous.  This was a necessary stage in the development.  In the planetary stage of development, there are necessary skills, which must be introduced into a planet in order to provide the resources and skill to help this planet resolve that conflict.

The resources for resolving this conflict have to do with this concept of the new spiritual technology that we, the Arcturians, speak about.  The new spiritual technology has several key ingredients which I will briefly mention but not explain in detail.  It includes a spiritual paradigm known as the Sacred Triangle, which includes galactic spirituality and mystical thinking as well as Native Peoples teachings.  It includes a concept of the understanding of dimensions and how to access other dimensional energies and learning how to bring those energies into the Earth.  It includes the ability to understand the nature of the multidimensional self.  Finally, it includes special planetary healing skills, such as biorelativity, in order to bring the planet into a harmonious balance.

As a planet in Stage One develops technology, at the same time they often do so without awareness that the planet is operating in a special balance and in a special harmony.  The planet also has a special spiritual energy.  The removal of coal, the destruction of the rivers, the destruction of mountains – all contribute to the blocking of meridian paths of the Earth.  Such environmental destruction all contributes to a great imbalance to the planet.  The modern technology makes it easier to harm the planet.  Yes, modern technology makes it easier to get the resources, but modern technology also makes it easier to harm the planet.  Therefore, there must be a spiritual awareness of the planet’s energies in order to prevent planetary imbalances.

The conflict in Stage One also affects other technologies that have to do with space travel and the leaving of the planet’s surface and going into outer space and even leaving the planet to go to other dimensions.  When a planet or the beings on a planet develop the ability to leave the surface of the planet, they are also very close to traveling inter-dimensionally.

I think you all know that the only way to cover distances of light years in the galaxy and in between galaxies is by traveling inter-dimensionally.  There is no way that Man can travel at the speed of light for a sustained period of time and still be able to cover great distances in his lifetime.  If Man were able to travel at the speed of light, his essential nature as an Earth being would be so damaged, and he would not even be the same as when he left.  So the solution to traveling long distances throughout the galaxy is to travel through the dimensions in order to reach distant places.

The Galactic Council and other higher beings are acutely aware when a planet is in this stage of development.  The Galactic Council is acutely aware that in this stage of development the destructive mechanisms of technologies can be extremely dangerous, and the technologies can be used to blow up the entire planet.  We, the Arcturians, sit on the Galactic Council.  We have seen other planets totally destroy themselves.  There are some starseeds who are working with us in this group who have been on those other planets and have seen personally in other lifetimes that kind of destruction.  It takes a long time to recover from the trauma and shock of seeing a planet self-destruct.  The Galactic Council wants to help ensure that this does not occur now on the Earth.

It is not acceptable that the Earth transport nuclear weaponry into outer space and outside of the Earth’s realm.  It is not acceptable that the Earth use or bring nuclear weapons inter-dimensionally.  A high percentage of planets in our galaxy have not resolved the problems in Stage One, and therefore were unable to reach Stage Two.  These planets have either ended up in destruction or a large group of beings of higher spiritual awareness and higher technology from that planet decided to leave the planet.  Their solution for maintaining their survival was to leave the planet and to bring their energy and to bring their technology to another planet.

Leaving the planet would not be considered a resolution.  This would not be considered a resolution in the planet because the planet went on to destroy itself.  There are cases, for example, of the Lyrans and even in early Arcturian history where the planets did destroy themselves.  At the same time, beings of a higher nature left the planet, bringing with them technology.  In some cases they populated and began other life on different planets.

That is not what I call a successful resolution.

Let’s look at Stage Two of planetary evolution.  In Stage Two the planet has resolved the problems of technology and has achieved a spiritual awareness that ensures its survival.  In the planetary Stage Two there is no longer any question of the survival.  The planet will survive.  They have gained a harmonious balance with the planet.  This occurs in Stage Two.  Surprisingly, that harmonious balance can be achieved with technology.

Generally, the planets that we are talking about have integrated technology into a harmonious balance with the planet, which is the goal of biorelativity.  The goal of biorelativity is to live in a harmonious balance with the planet.  That means that we can describe Stage Two as achieving an integration and a harmonious balance with the planet and its resources.  Stage Two will include the development and the stabilization of higher science technologies and balancing the effects of these technologies in a balanced way that ensures the survival of the planet.

This balance has occurred through a spiritual development and a spiritual intervention.  What happens in this Stage Two when this planet achieves this harmonious balance?  Many positive things happen as a species interacts with the planet in a new way.  The disturbances and catastrophes from storms, earthquakes, tornadoes, volcanic eruptions and other planetary changes do not occur.  When you go into a planet that is in Stage Two of planetary development, you will not experience such unpredictability in Earth events that you now see in Stage One.

It might be hard for you to imagine a planet in balance.  What is even more difficult for you to accept is that the Earth is now going in the opposite direction.  That is to say, there is not more harmony overall, but there appears to be more disharmony and more imbalances on the Earth.  There is a higher level of spiritual wisdom and development that is occurring now on the Earth.  Spiritually minded people are doing fantastic work with the Earth at this moment to help move the planet towards Stage Two.

In Stage Two, the biorelativity that we have all dearly loved and work with on a continual basis becomes an acceptable practice.  In Stage Two, biorelativity has helped the planet achieve a great balance.  Remember, one of the goals of biorelativity is to bring harmony to the planet.  Imagine there occurred an 8.0 earthquake on the Richter Scale.  Such a strong earthquake could cause a great deal of destruction, especially if it occurred in a certain area of large population density.  Imagine that you could, with your biorelativity and with your thoughts, moderate that earthquake.  Now instead of the earthquake being an 8.0, it would be diminished to a 2.0 or a 3.0 on the Richter Scale.  The larger earthquake could be reduced to a series of smaller earthquakes.  These smaller earthquakes would be less damaging and would be measured as a 3.0 on the Richter Scale.  This would be followed by a second earthquake at a 3.0 and a third measured at a 2.0 on the scale.  This minimization of a large damaging earthquake can be achieved through biorelativity.  To achieve this type of intervention, one must have the awareness that the planet is a living being and that the harmony and balance of the planetary energies will always be respected.  This balance is achieved in Stage Two.

The planet as a living being energetically has to energetically flow.  The planet is not dead.  The planet has different reactions, different currents, different meridian energies.  In Stage Two all of these energies are brought into a balance through the spiritual development of the people on the planet.

Also in Stage Two there is a better comprehension of higher dimensions.  It is the beginning of understanding that there is a multidimensional aspect in the planet, and the planet also is connecting with the fifth dimension.  Finally, it is understood that in order for the planet to evolve it must have higher beings on it.  It is always a great honor for a planet to have life and to have higher life forms.

Now let’s look at Stage Three.  Stage Three of a planet is moving into what you would commonly know as a full-time, fifth-dimensional planet.  The planet is filled with the balance and harmony that is achieved in Stage Two, but also the planet and its inhabitants have grasped how to interact with other higher dimensions.

This ability to interact with other dimensions is already an important ingredient and foundation in Stage Two.  The ability to be in harmony and to have spiritual wisdom is dependent upon the ability to have an understanding of and accessibility to the fifth dimension.  In Stage Three, the planet has graduated.  In your terminology, the planet has ascended.  In Stage Three, you could say that the planet has become a fifth-dimensional planet.

Helping the Earth ascend is something that many of you who are planetary healers are working on.  The starseeds on Earth already have great visualizations.  When I am talking about different stages of planetary development, then I make these definitions of spiritual levels of attainment in the planet.  You can understand, though, that there could be an intermixing of spiritual levels.  Even though people speak of the different stages, you can see energies of Stage Three in Stage Two planets.  You can even see Stage Two energies interacting with Stage One.

You witness this intermixing of energies even now.  Here you are at the end of Stage One, and you are already thinking about Stage Three.  You are talking about the Ascension and the ascending of the Earth.  The ascension of the planet is the key ingredient in Stage Three.  The inhabitants have been able to work out the complex and highly evolved mechanism of ascending a planet.  What a beautiful thought that you and the starseeds and the planetary healers can bring the Earth into the fifth dimension.

Completion of Stage Three is part of the DNA structure and code of the planet.  You, as planetary healers, already know about Stage Three.  What is it like to live on a fifth-dimensional planet?  Arcturus is a fifth-dimensional planet.  The Pleiades and the planet Xterra in the Pleiades have already ascended to the fifth dimension.  There are other planets in the Andromeda system that have gone into Stage Three and have gone into fifth-dimensional existence.

Another key part of a third-dimensional planet that has ascended is the ability to interact dimensionally with all other planetary systems in the galaxy and beyond.  There is a heightened fifth-dimensional highway of thought patterns and communication patterns which will allow inter-dimensional communications with all life forms on the planet.  This network also will allow the visitation and communications with higher life forms throughout the galaxy.

We hint at this intergalactic communication network when we work with you on the Planetary Cities of Light project.  Remember that we spoke to you about the Planetary Cities of Light project and the development of what I call the Sister Cities.  The Sister Cities includes the ability to relate to other Planetary Cities of Light throughout the galaxy.  You see that the planets in Stage Three have the ability to spiritually and etherically interact with all planets in the galaxy and particularly with third-dimensional planets.

I love the planet Alano.  Alano is what I call a moon-planet.  It is actually more common in the galaxy for moons to hold life forms instead of planets.  Alano is a beautiful fifth-dimensional planet that is located closer to the center of the galaxy.  When I say closer, you are two-thirds of the way from the galactic center.  Alano might be more like a third of the way from the center.  Alano is an Arcturian planet that is fifth dimensional, and it communicates with the Earth.  Alano is seeking ways of increasing its vibrational power to help the Earth.

At this moment, visualize the energy now coming from the moon-planet Alano.  It is reaching the Earth, and it is helping set the stage for the ascension of the Earth and the ascension of humanity.  The foundation of ascension energy is an etheric, auric energy field.  It is actually a dynamic, observable energy field.  You want to create the energy field for you to ascend.  You want to work with your aura, and you want to work with the sacred spaces around the planet.  This is all part of the transformation into the fifth dimension.

I, Juliano, am now sending to you a special light, from the star system, from the moon-planet Alano, coming into each of your consciousnesses and to each of you that are on the Earth now.  Let us go into meditation as you receive the light from the planet which is in Stage Three of development, the moon-planet Alano.  That light is coming to you now, and it is also especially connected to the Copper Canyon area, which is in Mexico.  That is one of the favorite places that the moon-planet loves to connect to.  We will go into meditation as you and I work with this light.

(Sings Alanooo, the light of Alanooo is reaching each of you now.  This Stage Three development planet Alanoooooo.  Alanooooooooo.)

In the fourth stage a planet reaches a point of creation.  It reaches a point where it can transport its planet to another location in the galaxy.  In Stage Four they actually have the technology which enables them to move the planet.  The reason why they would want to move the planet has to do with various astronomical factors, such as avoiding nearby stars that would be exploding, or even other space phenomena that could prove devastating to their planet.  Stage Four planetary development includes the ability to control of the planet’s existence in all dimensions.

Even though a planet is in the fifth dimension, there still exists a third-dimensional aspect and a link to the third dimensional.  In this Stage Four, the planet has the ability to teleport the entire body of the planet.  This can happen for a variety of reasons, such as the planet’s sun could become too close.  Finally, in Stage Four the planet develops the ability to oversee the granting of life onto other planets.

You have heard of the concept in the Kaballah called the B’nai Elohim, which means “The Son of the Elohim,” or “The Children of the Elohim.”  The Children of the Elohim is a term describing those people who are on Stage Four of planetary development.  Stage Four of planetary development has the existence of the B’nai Elohim, the Children of the Elohim, who are also called the co-creators.  In this stage, the planet is inhabited by higher beings, which from our perspective can be called co-creators.  They can introduce new life forms into other planetary systems.  They are involved in the development of new spirits.  They do soul healings in this stage.  People could be brought to the Stage Four planets for, possibly, soul rectification.  The entire planet is inhabited by the B’nai Elohim.

Stage Five planets are so close to the Creator Light, the creative energy.  On this level the planet could be described as existing as a thought form.  On other stages you need a body form in order to understand that you exist.  You also need a place to exist, such as a planet.  You need to have some kind of space, in order to manifest.

In Stage Five, this existence of body, the existence of a planet becomes such an extreme light that it is not recognizable in your normal conception of who you are and what you are.  In this stage, I could define the stage as pure light, pure energy.  At the same time, this pure light and pure energy cannot be described using dualistic terminology.

You exist as a light being.  The planet exists as a light being.  You are interacting energetically with all light beings.  There is for all purposes no need for any type of advancement or evolution because in this stage everything is in a balance.  It is even beyond the fifth dimension.  Some might call it the seventh dimension.

I am going to call on Archangel Metatron to complete this lecture, and he will talk some more about the B’nai Elohim.  I am Juliano.  Good day.

Greetings, I am Archangel Metatron.  I love the B’nai Elohim, the Children of the Elohim.  The Elohim Energy is the energy of creation, the basic force of creation.  You have to realize that the primary directive, as you laughingly talk about in Star Trek, is to not intervene.  Actually, the primary directive for advanced beings is creation.  The primary directive for advanced forms is co-creation.

That is what is occurring on the Stage Five of planetary development.  It is co-creation.  It is true that Stage Four planets are so far advanced, yet each of you has within you the DNA codes and the access information to be part of the B’nai Elohim.  I could say to you that this is part of your developmental phase to relate to the B’nai Elohim.  You can understand what it means to be a co-creator, and you can understand the energy of the B’nai Elohim.

Let the light of the B’nai Elohim be with you.  They are sending the light now to you.  The co-creators are the Children.  B’nai can also be defined as the Sons.  You know, the Father and the Son and the Holy Ghost.  The Son is representative of B’nai Elohim, the co-creator.  This is the level of development that you are moving towards.  The B’nai Elohim are part of the Ascension.  They are part of the angelic world.  Nothing is more satisfying than to experience co-creation.  This has to do with the Father, Mother and Son universes because eventually the B’nai Elohim graduate and become overseers of other planets and creators of other spaces in the universe.  This is what you eventually are going to graduate to.  It may seem a long way from where you are now, but time is circular, and you are already experiencing the light of the B’nai Elohim.

Let the light of the Children of the Elohim be with you now.  I am Metatron.  Good day.




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