Thursday, September 12, 2013 LARGE FARMING




    What is the best investment in AMERICA? While a one hit on a super investment such as hopefully in the RV of currencies is super great so long as it happens, what is the smart way to go for an investment that should pay you well for all your life and deliver a good income through good times in America and through hard recessions or depressions in America? Real estate is a smart investment done right for you. However, sometimes when the economy goes sour, you can’t rent the house. apartment, store building, etc.  or selling houses or other real estate is tough to do due to a collapsed real estate market as witnessed recently in America. But you know what, regardless if the economy is good or else lousy, everyone in the nation always eats! That is your permanent good market to sell to so long as you are in the food business yourself and have the right angles for the food market available to you. 

      Some powerful source apparently does not want us to tell the American people how to have guaranteed food in America regardless if harvests are regular or else disasters in America. We have experienced some wild hacking trying to block us from getting this message out to America that we can protect our food supply in America so famine will never overcome America and the American people. With all the tricks pulled trying to block us from getting this message out, we extend our offer of the large report “Building Mega Farms On Wasteland” By Erasmus of America as a free bonus report with any offer of ours on our website paid for now through Sept. 17, 2013. After Sept. 17, you pay $25.00 as the regular price for this report. Also, extend our triple offer on the Omni Law Loan Program where every $25 credit created now in this loan program through Sept. 17, 2013 becomes $75 credit in our loan program now. For the powerful rewards with your loan units in this loan program, read our website. And we appreciate so much those who backed us from the beginning of this campaign to get passed the Omni Law in America, we are doubling all your original credits in this loan program where you sent loan money in for the Omni Law Loan Program. Your cash credit is now double in this loan program.  This is our way of thanking those patriots in America who helped us get launched as a national movement. We reserve the right to special reward our backers at times in the future because we appreciate them so much! 

     Due to aggressive hacking trying to block this answer back to one person, we are posting this answer publicly instead. We were asked to give one person sending in an answer to his question. Yes, you can post now thousands of dollars in loan money through our website. We added the Omni Law Loan Program – Premium due to your request for more options how to back our Omni Law Drive in America. 

     Now since it is probably true what one electronic engineer stated was fact that Wash., D.C. pressed and arranged for there to be a backdoor how Wash., D.C. could get access to all computers in America to spy on their owners when wanted, once the Omni Law is passed, this massive invasion of the privacy and security of the American people is over. We will outlaw this federal policy hackers have used to such great advantage and also force all computer software to no longer have a backdoor so Wash., D.C. can spy on all the American people any such time they want to and freely steal their money any such time they want to!

      Our report “Building Mega Farms On Wasteland” by Erasmus of America is loaded with super angles on budget farming and super new angles of revolutionary high powered agriculture as to make this the new coming “New World Revolution In Agriculture!” Our report gives you even two leads on how to even produce 10 times more food per acre of farmland or even in a small apartment small scale. Also, many other ways to raise food faster, bigger, more nutrition to it, better taste, at lower cost than before to raise, and all combined as a system to produce food for individual people to feed your family with or make income from it selling to others including farmer markets or to large grocery chains. We show you ways to raise food in heavy rain areas or drought areas, in hot weather or even in the middle of winter and deep snow outside. We show ways to save the honey bees from extinction which Obama federal GMO policy is threatening by killing off the bee colonies the collapse of one-third of food produced in America which could trigger off national famine in America. Our high powered, low budget revolutionary new tactics all tested already in agriculture can save America from potential national famine or economic collapse of America. When the food supplies collapse, it is the national cause to collapse industry as the next stage. And the nation can collapse if nothing is done to stop this from going all the way.

    We give you angles cheap as a weekend vacation up to buying up wasteland because it is cheap and putting high powered Mega Farms on it potentially able to pay you large income for the rest of your life and no bad market to sell to at any time in your life. This Mega Farm agricultural technology made easy to understand so all people could potentially understand it is available to you through this large report sent to your email address. Also, you are given sources to help you get started for equipment, supplies, etc. to set up this Mega Farm agricultural system for yourself regardless if in a small miniaturized farm in effect in even an apartment or on 50,000 acres of land wasteland or regular farmland if you want to set up this system there. 

     This new super powered agricultural system must be a deadly threat to those who want to engineer national or international famine or starvation because some powerful source is trying so hard by aggressive hacking attacks to keep this report from the American people and people abroad. Wash., D.C. creates the major problems of America and then offers itself as the source to solve the national problems that it creates. This gives a giant edge to the American people to solve the national food problems of America including food prices rising fast, availability of your favorite foods 12 months a year, better quality food than likely currently in the grocery stores, raise God-given natural food rather than GMO food which studies we have seen are a clear warning that man has played with fire trying to play at being God and this food is deadly to the future of the human race.

      The report shows God-given answers for this super agricultural system, not man’s try to prove that he is smarter than God in food and our agricultural system. To get this report as a free bonus or else order it direct, go to our website . Our email is . Our mailing address for any wanting to send in orders by mail instead of through the website is NIFI, P.O. Box 1465, Seneca, SC 29679. Make any checks, etc. out to NIFI and what the payment is for. 

      Yours for God and Country, Erasmus of America (pen name for the person who steps on powerful toes and shows America the smart way to upgrade and revolutionize American agriculture while on even a small budget. This program is where you invest in yourself, not us! So you get the profits from your own miniature to large farm using this unique system composed of angles already used and worked, just not brought into a united agricultural system until now. Show this report to others and maybe America never has to risk facing a famine after that!) 



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