TAKING BACK YOUR POWER/FATHER’ will be a start-up not for profit social service agency that will serve the greater Troutdale area. The organization was founded by Chevez Moore who has both the practical real life experience and the education to lead the organization. Chevez is currently looking for assembling a strong Board of Trustees which will be invaluable for the organization. TAKING BACK YOUR POWER AND FATHER’S LOVE would like to buy foreclosed homes for poor women and children whom are victims of chronic domestic violence and for qualifying men getting out of prison, for the purpose of reuniting and supporting families in Oregon with a focus on holist healing and ending the cycle of homelessness. We will provide rent free housings and support for two years and an option to buy from us at 14% of cost.


A home is a place of temporary refuge and support for women, children, and men escaping violent or abusive situations, such as rape, domestic violence and prison. Having the ability to leave a situation of violence is valuable for those who are under attack. Such situations frequently involve an imbalance of power that limits the victim’s financial options. The most dangerous time for a domestic violence sufferer is on the point of exit. A person in a domestic violence situation should create an exit safety plan, to leave the situation and keep their families together and safe. TAKING BACK YOUR POWER and FATHER’S LOVE will provide resources for thousands of victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, and stalking and better equip law enforcement officials to stop violence before it starts.

It builds on a CHRIST-CENTERED APPROACH which has helped to decrease the rates of domestic violence across the country. It includes provisions aimed at reducing dating violence among teams and strengthening protections for lesbian gay, bisexual, and transgender victims. It also seeks to bring justice to Native American communities — where rates of domestic violence are among the highest in the country.



Domestic violence started thousands of years ago. There is no way to pinpoint an exact date because domestic violence has been around as long as people have. You need a thorough understanding of domestic violence if you want to launch the most effective program possible. Training in social work, sociology and/or psychology will help Establish a need. I feel it is a good idea to start a domestic violence project in my community, but how did I know there was a need? I AM a survivor of cancer and domestic violence and would like nothing more than to help others overcome one of the most devastating events of a lifetime.

TAKING BACK YOUR POWER/FATHER’S LOVE is an organization that provides transitional housing and life skill training for women, children, teens and men. It offers assistance to abused women/men out of prison, frequently homeless, as they move from dependent, often abusive relationships into independent, self-sufficient lifestyles. Additionally, it assists clients in child reunification. This is particularly important as 80% of the clients will have children but no custody.

This will be the city’s only home assisted facility and the only one with long-term transitional housing. All other shelters only offer 30 days or less of housing whereas TAKING BACK YOUR POWER/FATHER’S LOVE offers up to two years. On staff will be a chemical dependency counsellor, AIDS counsellor, and a family reunification counsel-or to assist clients. I will require as many people as I can possibly obtain.

The facility provides clients within an eight-step program that teaches them necessary life skills. This collaborative approach to empowerment is the keystone to developing self-sufficiency in the clients. The steps include personal development, vocational training, substance abuse counselling, interpersonal skills, building, community involvement, leisure activities, and independent living skills.

The Market
TAKING BACK YOUR POWER/FATHER’S LOVE has identified two distinct market segments of customers based on age; those who are under 30 and those who are 30 and over. The distinction is important because of the high percentage of clients with children, and those in the younger market segment having far younger children. The under 30 age group is growing annually at 9%, and the 30 and over age group growing at 8%. The two groups respectively have 165,454 and 158,745 potential clients. The overwhelming majority of clients come from lower socio-economic population groups. These segments can be difficult to communicate with, yet their use of Transitional Housing’s services would give them some profound benefits.



Chevez Moore is the driving force behind the organization and fills the Executive Director role. Chevez earned an A.A. degree in Medical Assisting from Everest College, a B.S. degree in Human Services from The University of Phoenix, and a Master’s degree in Management and Organizational Leadership from Warner Pacific College (Christ-centered) Additionally; she has several years of social service. With the guidelines from the Ascended Masters and family, Chevez hopes her program will be the largest domestic abuse relief service provider in Oregon. Chevez developed a proactive empowerment program which has become the foundation for TAKING BACK YOUR POWER/FATHER’S LOVE collaborative approach to empowerment. During and since her ascension and awaking, Chevez has developed a comprehensive network of personal and professional contacts with key spiritual leaders. This will be instrumental in raising the profile of TAKING BACK YOUR POWER/FATHER’S LOVE within the community as well as having a significant impact on fund raising activities.

1.1 Mission

TAKING BACK YOUR POWER/FATHER’S LOVE mission is to provide women and men of Oregon a safe transitional housing alternative, teach a multitude of skills to empower the women and men to self-sufficiency, and facilitate the possible reunification of clients with their children.

1.2 Keys to Success

  • Build a strong, active Board of Trustees.

  • Ensure that the offered services satisfy market needs.

  • Design and implement strict financial controls and accountability.

1.3 Objectives

  • Secure sufficient funding, both start up and operational.

  • Create a women and men housing facility that provides housing and a variety of empowering skills.

  • Develop a strong Board of Trustees that can offer guidance, help with fund raising efforts, and oversee the smooth operation of the organization.


$ 6 million to buy foreclosed homes in Oregon, office space, employees, and other start-up cost.









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