Malaysian Flight Drama

More information has come out about the false flag profit motive of the sabotage of Malaysian flight. Many of the passengers worked for special interest tech software company that developed military applications for dark Government project regarding stealth, energetic assault applications. The patent controlling the development and ownership of this advanced technology was the motive that targeted the planes hydrolics through secret government underground craft controlled by owner Rothschild patriarch. If all the people who have developmental rights to technologies were killed then Rothschild could control the military tech applications globally.

But since the Galactics took care of the craft that targeted the airliner plus rescued the passengers now the game board has changed. Now since the people want to turn over a new leaf and help the planet it is even more important to protect these surviving passengers. They did not go to another planet the CLS has a quarantine around the planet preventing this as well no spirit will be trapped in karmic wheel on other timelines for the CLS has authority to work with all transitions regarding death and reincarnation off the slave karmic wheel of the light of the darkness. Each human has free will to be taken to timelines or recognize the deception the CLS cannot interfere with unless asked. So when you go outside yourself to channelors this further expands the right to take you outside yourself even more. Hollow earth is helping the survivors and will confirm this shortly. Timing for disclosure of all the earth changes are imminent.

Remember there is a classaction against BC hydro company about dangers and illegal imposition of smart meters so go to

Blessing and please be kind to each other RV info below Tami Dickson

Malaysian Airliner Rothchild Red Flag Profit Factors 9 minutes




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