Those of the Galactic Federation of Light has their roots in the higher realms where they draw divine spiritual energies from within to produce better life situations and to promote life. They are known to be generous and naturally enjoy working for the benefits of others. They are willing if necessary to even sacrifice themselves to ensure the welfare and harmony of others.

This is in contrast to those from the dark side who derive their life force and energies from others. These dark forces are of a self-serving nature and generally have an overall desire as well as tendency to control, kill and cause destruction.

Most if not all of those from the Galactic Federation of Light experience and understand the oneness of all things and they are in a state of being known as “Full Consciousness”. This state of being is multi-dimensional in nature.

While humans on Earth are known to have layers of veils covering their perception and are therefore experiencing a form of separateness from other life. A part of the ascension process is which humans return to the state of being fully conscious.

Earth with her human inhabitants is being regarded as a child planet by our more evolved human brothers and sisters in the Galactic Federation. As we are all family, our older space brothers and sisters are dutifully looking after us, their siblings, to move forward during these exciting times known as Ascension.

Even though the Galactic Federation of Light is here to assist humanity during this exciting transition decreed by heaven, they are generally forbidden to interfere with the free will of those on Earth and therefore will not be doing everything for us. This resulted in a plan to awaken humanity from within and then from outside.

Therefore, numerous of these highly evolved beings from the Galactic Federation of Light have incarnated here on Earth since decades ago to specifically work on this special point in time to heal others, to bring in light to the planet and also to provide information to the collective consciousness.

This world is seen as a Reptilian/Orion world by the Galactic Federation of Light and the other forces of the universe. It is understood to be a planet of darkness that has had Light patches but is now seeking to break completely into the Light.

Those who have incarnated to assist at this time need to do the deepest work in their lives, both of this life and of other lifetimes, so that they will be in the highest state of Light as they approach Ascension.

Below is an example of the different places in which these beings could be related to.

  • Agartha (See Hollow Earth)
  • Andromeda
  • Arcturus
  • Lyra
  • Mars
  • Pleiades
  • Sirius
  • Vega
  • Venus

They are usually called Wanderers, Starseeds, Indigo Children, Indigo Adults, Crystal Children, Wayshowers and all of them are generally known as Lightworkers. In a manner of speaking, these groups of people are considered to be the ground forces of Light.

Many of these individuals have also been in direct contact with the Galactic Federation through various means.

The Forces of Light consists of highly evolved souls many of which are now on earth incarnated or in spirit. They include higher inter-dimensional light beings such as the Ascended Masters and those of the Angelic Hierarchy who have been actively helping out on earth.

For a long time the Galactic Federation of Light have constantly delayed their plans for a mass First Contact because of the threat that has been issued by the Orion/Reptilian faction to the galactic federation the threat of mass annihilation of the population if they did show themselves in First Contact.




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