The Ashtar Command – The Solar Star Command


The Solar Star Command is a part of the Galactic Federation of Light that is currently attending to Earth affairs. They work with the Ascended Masters under the directions of the Galactic Federation to achieve their divine mission.

The Solar Star Command currently oversees the space around Earth and do battle with dark forces just like in Star Trek or Star Wars. They monitor whatever major activities that are planned or taking place and also liaise with the ground forces that are on Earth.

The Solar Star Command was previously known as the famous Ashtar Command. However, the name Ashtar Command has been assumed to be used and abused by dark forces to such an extent that the name can no longer be effectively used. It is important to know that there are many genuine Lightworkers still using the name Ashtar Command.

Higher beings known to be a part of the Solar Star Command by alphabetical order are Ashtar Sheran, Hatonn, Sananda Esu Immanuel and Vrillon. Note that Sananda Esu Immanuel is Lord Jesus Christ.

The Solar Star Command, known as the Ashtar Galactic Command then, had attempted to contact Earth before through their communications director, Vrillon, during the year 1977 where it was reported that the ITN broadcast was disrupted. Here is the transcript of the alien broadcast.

The mention of Ashtar, Hatonn and Sananda can be found in many various channeled messages. Do use discernment when reading channeled messages from various sources.

Information about the Solar Star Command / Ashtar Command can be found here.

The Abundance Program

The Forces of Light have come up with an abundance program that will help remove the problems that the dark forces have instilled in the financial system of capitalism.

An aspect of this is known as NESARA, acronym for National Economic Security and Reformation Act. It is a program that will assist to transform the whole economic system and help everyone lessen their financial worries.

Evolution includes the fulfillment of our survival needs so that we have the capacity to think and engage in things of a higher nature.

For example, extremely efficient free energy technology exists and had been kept from us by the Dark Cabals. Once these technology have been released to the public, there is a possibility that there will be cheaper or no utility bills, fresh water can also be easily converted from sea water. There will be so many changes on a global basis.

Note that there are many misinformation created by the dark forces pertaining to NESARA on the internet so please be careful.

On the world stage, the BRICS alliance is battling it out on the financial and economic front with the Dark Cabals.

The BRICS alliance is made up of more than hundreds of nations and they are the allies of the Galactic Federation of Light on Earth. After they crush the nefarious financial system of the Illuminati, they will assist to spearhead the abundance program to benefit the people on Earth.


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