Hollow Earth / Inner Earth / Middle Earth

I would like to bring across to you the fact that our Earth is hollow inside, the Hollow Earth theory is correct and that there is an Inner Earth where advance civilizations exist. The Hollow Earth is sometimes also referred to as Inner Earth or Middle Earth.

All along, we have been given the impression by the scientific community that Earth is made up of an inner core with several other layers on top of it such as the outer core, lower mantle, upper mantle and the crust.

But how accurate is this information? Who in the scientific community can truly prove this model of the Earth is the accurate one?

There are now many indications that suggest our planet is in fact hollow. There are many openings on Earth that leads into the Hollow Earth. The two biggest openings are those found at the north and south poles.

Planetary bodies are usually hollow and this includes the planets in our solar system as well as the sun. It appears that celestial bodies are formed in this manner.

When a developing planetary body spins, it creates a centrifugal force whereby there is an outward force away from the center and that the denser parts of the planetary body actually move outwards. This resulted in the middle section of the planetary body becoming hollow and usually there will be openings at both the poles, at the axis of the spin.

The development of the planet will depend on several factors such as the size and composition, the speed of the spin, the temperature of the planet and how long it have been in existence spinning.

On 23 November 1968, a very clear image of the hole at the North Pole was taken by the satellite ESSA-7.

Just like many other facts, dark forces had been covering up such information. Now is finally the time when such facts will be widely known.

One of the earliest Hollow Earth theories was proposed by a man called Edmond Halley (1656 – 1742). His theory suggests that the Earth is made of an outer shell, two inner concentric shells and a core.

Leonhard Euler (1707 – 1783) proposed a more accurate theory where he suggested that there are no inner shells and instead of an inner core, there is actually an inner sun providing light and warmth to Inner Earth civilizations.

John Cleves Symmes, Jr. (1779 – 1829) was the person who made the Hollow Earth theory well known to the people even though his version of the theory that suggests the Hollow Earth containing inner shells was not entirely correct.

Information on the Hollow Earth continues to emerge in the 20th century. Below are some of the 20th century Hollow Earth proponents and their work.

    • William Reed – The Phantom of the Poles (Published in 1906)


    • Marshall B. Gardner – A Journey to the Earth’s Interior (Published in 1913)


    • Dr. Raymond Bernard – Agharta, The Subterranean World (Published in 1960), The Hollow Earth (Published in 1964)


    • Michael X – Rainbow City and the Inner Earth People (Published in 1969)


  • Bruce Walton (Branton) – A Guide to the Inner Earth (Published in 1983)

What is interesting and perhaps provide evidence on the existence of the Hollow Earth and its inhabitants is the account of people who have been there and have returned to reveal their discoveries.

The book The Smoky God / A Voyage Journey to the Inner Earth by Willis George Emerson (published in 1908) is a real life account of the journey of a Norwegian sailor and his father to the Hollow Earth through the opening in the Arctic in 1829, stayed there for approximately two years and returned to the surface through the opening in the Antarctica.

Another famous real life account of the trip to the Hollow Earth is one made by Admiral Byrd in 1947. His flight into the Hollow Earth was recorded in his diary titled The Inner Earth – My Secret Diary.

There are now many modern proponents and researchers of the Hollow Earth theory and their work usually include scientific data.

Some of these researchers together with their work are listed below.

  • Jan Lamprecht – Hollow Planets
  • Rodney Cluff – World Top Secret: Our Earth Is Hollow!

(A better list of researchers can be found near the end of the book titled Messages from the Hollow Earth which can be found below.)

Descriptions of the Hollow Earth

Our surface is on the crust of the Earth and below there are two subterranean levels. There are plenty of caverns and cavities in the subterranean that were created during the long continuous formation of the planet.

Most of these places are connected to one another by tunnels created by advanced civilizations. There are many different kinds of civilizations and entities both positive and negative living in the subterranean.

The center of gravity of the planet lies at the crust instead of coming from the core as planets usually have no core. Between the outer and inner crust lies the lava.

Below the subterranean is the surface of the Hollow Earth. The gravity in the Hollow Earth is about half of that on the surface world. This is one of the reasons why living things over there are bigger and taller than those on the surface.

The Inner Earth environment is quite similar to the environment on the surface where there are water, mountains, flora and fauna. There are also many prehistoric creatures living there.

The Hollow Earth world is concave in manner and therefore beyond the sky of the Inner Earth is another place of the inner surface. The Hollow Earth sky is more of an atmosphere as compared to the sky on the surface where it reaches out to the stars.

There is an inner sun but it is different from the sun in our solar system. The inner sun is the result of the convergence to a point of the cosmic rays that have penetrated Earth. It is the friction of the rays coming together that creates the light. The inner sun had been described to look smoky by the Norwegian sailor, Olaf Jansen, and it was the basis for the title of the book “The Smoky God”.

There is no night time in the Hollow Earth. It is twilight throughout and the weather is generally consistent.

The land in the Hollow Earth / Inner Earth / Middle Earth is generally known as Agartha. There are many advanced civilizations which are spiritually evolved living in the Inner Earth as well as in the subterranean.

The Hollow Earth people are humanlike and they are much bigger than us in terms of size. They are known to live inside caverns and have palaces made of crystallized stones that are embedded with jewels. Their technologies are very advanced for example they use electromagnetic vehicles that levitate a few inches above the ground.

As the Hollow Earth people are not exposed to solar radiation, their lifespan are much longer than those living on the surface.





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