The Galactic Federation of Light

The Galactic Federation of Light, which was mentioned in many of the channeled messages of Salusa and Commander Sohin as well as in the books of Courtney Brown, are here to assist us during this ascension process against the dark forces.

The Earth has been quarantined by the Galactic Federation of Light in order to curb the activities of the dark forces. There are large numbers of space fleets surrounding Earth and there are no activities in our sky that goes unnoticed by them. The quarantine will be removed once the dark forces on Earth have been effectively vanquished.

The Galactic Federation of Light is similar to the United Federation of Planets we see in the Star Trek Series. They are not of Earth and are therefore extraterrestrials. Humans of Earth will eventually be a part of the Galactic Federation.

They have discreetly done many things for us such as:

  • Disabling nuclear missiles
  • Neutralizing the nanotechnology substance that are infused into vaccines
  • Mitigating the radiation emitted from the nuclear crisis in japan
  • Intervening on the use of HAARP
  • Clearing the oil spill in the Gulf Coast
  • Neutralizing chemtrails in certain areas
  • Cleaning up pollutions in certain areas

After World War II, the representatives of the Galactic Federation of Light made contact with the Unites States government to warn them of the extraterrestrials from the Orion Empire which the Unites States government had a secret First Contact with. The representatives are known to be human-looking.

The Galactic Federations of Light have a Prime Directive of not directly interfering with us until enough of us are aware of their presence so that they can appear more openly and without us fearing them. That is a reason why there are increasing UFO sightings all around the world during recent times.

The Galactic Federation of Light has technologies that are exceptionally advanced. They understand how the universe works and the nature of our reality. They have a profound understanding of consciousness and how to incorporate its use into their technology.

As such, their knowledge on the very fabric of our universe allows them to warp from place to place, to perform time travel, inter-dimensional travel as well as teleportation. They could also create things out of thin air, essentially by using equipment known as replicators that can reassemble atoms and molecules. It is also possible with the use of consciousness to manifest things without using equipment.

The Galactic Federation of Light is an alliance of highly spiritual beings of different star systems many of which are humanoid types. Some of them look just like us.



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